PDFs d'Exposés et Posters

PDF files of slides from the Talks

(alphabetic order of the speaker) 

Boris BRUN : Wigner and Kondo physics in quantum point contacts revealed by scanning gate microscopy

Hervé COURTOIS : Existence of an independent phonon bath in a quantum device

Vincent FREULON : Separation of neutral and charge modes in one dimensional chiral edge channels

Mark GOERBIG : Two-Dimensional MoS2: A Novel System to Probe Dirac Fermions?  Magneto-Optical Transtions

Frank HEKKING : Disordered Josephson junction chains: Anderson localization of normal modes & impedance fluctuations

Stefan HEUN : Imaging fractional incompressible stripes in integer quantum Hall systems

Manuel HOUZET : Inelastic Microwave Photon Scattering off a Quantum Impurity in an Josephson-Junction Array

Sébastien JEZOUIN : Quantum limit of heat flow across a single electronic channel

Florent LECOCQ : Control and measurement of an optomechanical system using a superconducting qubit

Anna MINGUZZI : Optimal persistent currents for ultracold atoms on a 1D ring trap

Yuli NAZAROV :  Synchronization of Bloch and Josephson oscillations

Cyril PETITJEAN : Graphene Induced Topological Insulator (Topological order and Superconductivity)

Nicolas ROCH : Generating entanglement via measurement between two remote superconducting qubits

Charlène TONNOIR : Epitaxial graphene on superconducting rhenium: a new path for superconducting graphene

Claire WAHL : Interactions and charge fractionalization in an electronic Hong-Ou-Mandel interferometer

Guillaume WEICK : Dirac-like plasmons in honeycomb lattices of metallic nanoparticles


PDF files of posters

(alphabetic order of the presenting author) 

Clémentine CARBILLET : Spectroscopic properties of ultrathin NbN films close to the insulating phase

Denis CHEVALLIER : From Andreev bound states to Majorana fermions in topological wires on superconducting substrates : a story of mutation

David DASENBROOK : Floquet Theory of Electron Waiting Times in Quantum-Coherent Conductors

Dario FERRARO : Time resolved approach of decoherence in electron quantum optics

Edmund ORIGNAC : Effect of disorder on 2D topological merging transition from a Dirac semi-metal to a normal insulator

Olivier PARLAVECCHIO : Coulomb Blockade of Josephson junction: Non-Classical Radiation

Hugues POTHIER : Spectroscopy of Andreev bound states

Chloé ROLLAND : Quantum transport in InAs and InSb nanostructures

Doru STICLET : Persistent currents in Dirac fermion rings

Candice THOMAS : Strained HgTe/CdTe topological insulators

Konrad THOMAS : Waiting time distributions for non-interacting fermions on a tight-binding chain

Louis VEYRAT : Electrically tunable transport in nanostructures of a 3D topological insulator, Bi2Se3

Dietmar WEINMANN : Spin-orbit effects in nanowire-based wurtzite semiconductor quantum dots


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